24 April 2015

About me

I guess I’m a so called full-stack developer. A jack of many trades and hopefully master of a few. I’m currently working for Kodemaker and having a blast doing so. I have a background as a Java (web-app) developer. The last couple of years I have been using Groovy/Grails and lately I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to work on a Clojure/ClojureScript project. In 2014 I started to gain interest in the Light Table IDE. I guess I spend way to much time extending and tweaking my editor, but it’s too rewarding and too much fun to resist.

I’m still amazed by the concept of Open Source and Free Software. I have to remind myself that everyday I’m reaping the benefits of all the knowledge and hard work people are putting in. This blog is a humble attempt to give something back.

You can reach me on: