28 March 2016

Tags: elm clojurescript lighttable

Maybe you are a package author for Elm packages you wish to publish to http://package.elm-lang.org/ . Or maybe you are thinking about authoring a package. Before you publish something to the package repo you have to write documentation for your package. Wouldn’t it be sweet if you could preview the generated documentation from the comfort of your editor ?

The good news is that with the latest (0.3.6) edition of the elm-light plugin you can !


Feature highlights
  • Preview how the docs will look for each individual module

  • The preview is updated whenever you save your (exposed) Elm module file

  • Layout pretty close to how it will look on http://package.elm-lang.org/ once published

  • Fast (at least on my machine !)

  • Minor detail, but the entire preview UI is also implemented in Elm (ultimate dogfooding). It’s basically a modified and simplified implementation of the package preview code for http://package.elm-lang.org/


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