30 October 2015

Tags: elm clojurescript lighttable


I’ve just started playing around a little bit with elm. This weekend I’m going to codemesh where I’ll be attending an Elm workshop with the author of Elm, Evan Czaplicki.

To ensure I have an editor I’m familiar with and to get me started a little, I figured I’d create an Elm language plugin for Light Table. However lately I’ve been a little busy helping out getting https://github.com/LightTable/LightTable version 0.8 released. Last weekend we got an 0.8 alpha out. I needed some of the features from Electron. So now with Light Table using Electron under the hoods I could finally complete an intial plugin release. It’s rough, but it’s an ok start I suppose !

The plugin

You can find the plugin repo on github https://github.com/rundis/elm-light

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