14 April 2015

Tags: clojure clojurescript lighttable

The Clojure Refactoring plugin for Light Table has finally been released ! You’ll find the plugin in the LIght Table plugin manager. Alternatively you can clone the repo to the plugin folder of LIght Table if you know what you are doing :)

You will need to check out the readme https://github.com/rundis/clj-light-refactor

To celebrate the launch of the plugin I’ve made a small demo of some of the features in the plugin. You might also be interrested in the pre-release demo

Feature highlights

  • Simple form refactoring (cycle if, cycle col, introduce threading etc)

  • Extract function

  • Dependency completion and hotloading of dependencies

  • Find usages and rename

  • Namespace cleanup

  • Resolve mising requires/imports

  • Some cider features like: test support, smarter autocompletion and better formatting

Most of the features are currently Clojure only, but some of the simpler ones also works in ClojureScript.


  • refactor-nrepl - nREPL middleware to support refactorings in an editor agnostic way. This awesome middleware has enable most of the advanced refactoring features in the plugin

  • cider-nrepl - A collection of nREPL middleware designed to enhance CIDER. Additional cool features have been enabled by this middleware, and there are more to come !

  • clj-refactor.el - Emacs Clojure Refactor plugin. The source of inspiration for my Light Table plugin. It provides a long list of really cool refactoring features for emacs users.

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